About us

We are located in Villupuram, Tamilnadu, basically a hard core hobbyist turned entrepreneur. The name ‘The Other Aquarist’ was christened because we don’t deal with regular fishes that you normally get in LFS. And it was born in 2010 with a mission to breed quality Tanganyikan fishes. In the process, we became importer and traders of various other exotic fishes with very keen interest on the blood line and the source of the fishes. We are equipped with 240 plus tanks for breeding, grow out, quarantine and holding till the point of sale. We follow strict quarantine procedure from the point of receiving the fishes to the shipping to the clients. Soft water fishes like South American plecos, apistos, discus are reared in soft water which is supported by a 1500lph RO plant. We are blessed with the bore well water that which best suits the Tanganyikan. We are well equipped with live food for the fry from the in-house breeding.

This year, we have merged with Aquashoppe India Pvt. Ltd. with 2 more like-minded friends. We are dealers for IP Discus, Malaysia. We do not believe in man-made fishes like parrot, flower horns and hormone bred fishes.